A la carte on weekdays



Tortillas & Tacos

Meat lovers delight


All steaks are served with a salsa picante, sweet corn, rice, a salad and fresh salsa. If you prefer your steak spicy flavoured or with a spicy sauce, just let us know.

Sizzling fajitas

Fajitas is one of Mexico’s most famous dishes. The main ingredient of fajitas is of course the beef, chicken or shrimps or a combination of these. Marinated in beer, white wine and fajita seasoning. Served with warm flour tortilla’s which you can fill however you like. We serve 6 different ingredients on the side: sour cream, fresh salsa, grated cheese, peppers, garlic sauce and guacamole.

Specialities of the house


All fish dishes are served with sweet corn, rice, beans (with bacon) and a salad.

Vegetarian starters

Vegetarian dishes

Vegan substitute products for our vegetarian dishes